EIN.KÜCHEN.BAU in the Freischwimmer-Festival 2012-2013 / “Verwerte dich!”

Joonas Lahtinen u.a.

Installation/performance in the Freischwimmer-Festival 2012-2013 / “Verwerte dich!”:

Sophiensaele Berlin
26.10.2012 EIN.KÜCHEN.BAU der Aufbau, Performance 18:30
27./30./31.10. and 3./4. 11. EIN.KÜCHEN.BAU Installation 18:30-21:00, Interventions 19:00

brut Wien
9.11.2012 EIN.KÜCHEN.BAU der Aufbau, Performance 20:00
10./12./14./15./16./17.11. EIN.KÜCHEN.BAU Installation 19:00-21:00, Interventions 19:30 (10./12.11.), 20:30 (14.-17.11.)

Gessnerallee Zürich
22.11.2012 EIN.KÜCHEN.BAU der Aufbau Performance
23./24./29./30.11. EIN.KÜCHEN.BAU Installation and Interventions

Mousonturm Frankfurt
11.1. 2013 EIN.KÜCHEN.BAU der Aufbau Performance
12./13./16./17./18./19.1. EIN.KÜCHEN.BAU Installation and Interventions

FFT Düsseldorf
22.1. 2013 EIN.KÜCHEN.BAU der Aufbau Performance
23./24./25./26./27.1. EIN.KÜCHEN.BAU Installation and Interventions

Kampnagel Hamburg
7.2.2013 EIN.KÜCHEN.BAU der Aufbau Performance
8./9./14./15./16.2. EIN.KÜCHEN.BAU Installation und Interventionen

Tickets available at the theatres.

EIN.KÜCHEN.BAU is a coproduction between Joonas Lahtinen u. a./Punatonttu and the Freischwimmer-Festival /brut Wien. Endorsed by the Vienna City Cultural Office (MA 7). With support from the Finnish Institute in Germany and the Ernst-May-Gesellschaft in Frankfurt. We thank the Museum of Applied Arts Vienna.

Photo: Deniz Sözen

About Joonas Lahtinen

Joonas Lahtinen (* 1984, FIN/A) is a performance artist, director and researcher who lives and works in Vienna and Helsinki. His performances are often site-specific and have a strong installational character. In his works, he explores the politics of space and of the everyday from perspectives that are both humorous and disturbing. Joonas has studied Performance at Queen Mary, University of London and he is writing a PhD thesis about the problematic of “emancipatory” participative art at the University of Helsinki. Since 1995, he has performed in various Live Art, theatre and TV productions both in Finland and abroad.
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