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We’ve been busy with updating this blog — we’ve added a Press site so that you can browse through the media stories about Joonas Lahtinen ua.’s and onemorequestion’s projects. You can also download complete PDF press reviews of our recent projects.

I’ve just finished a short article about my ongoing PhD research and it will be published in the next issue 4/2014 of the Finnish performance art and research magazine esitys (sorry, in Finnish only).  The article is titled: ”Osallistavan esitystaiteen ideologisia sitoumuksia jäljittämässä” (On the ideological commitments of participatory performance practice).

I’m also working on a longer research article on the politics of the body in “emancipatory” participative performance. It will be published in 2015 in the peer-reviewed academic journal Nordic Theatre Studies. In the article, I present a novel analytical framework that takes the bodily dimension – what is actually done to and expected from the bodies of the participants during the performance event – as the starting point for critical analysis. I suggest that the crucial ideological currencies and processes of exclusion and inclusion of any participative project are not only to be seen in their “goals” or “themes” but, perhaps even more clearly, in the modes of bodily participation that they employ. More info to follow later on.

Also the preparations for the upcoming YOYO – You are On Your Own performances in Vienna are in full swing — more information to follow soon in this blog and on the brut Wien website!

About Joonas Lahtinen

Joonas Lahtinen (* 1984, FIN/A) is a performance artist, director and researcher who lives and works in Vienna and Helsinki. His performances are often site-specific and have a strong installational character. In his works, he explores the politics of space and of the everyday from perspectives that are both humorous and disturbing. Joonas has studied Performance at Queen Mary, University of London and he is writing a PhD thesis about the problematic of “emancipatory” participative art at the University of Helsinki. Since 1995, he has performed in various Live Art, theatre and TV productions both in Finland and abroad.
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