Exhibition FOTO at Atelier Glockengasse 8A / Q202 Atelierrundgang 05.-07.04.!!

We’re pleased to invite you to the exhibition FOTO at Atelier Glockengasse 8A (Miriam Laussegger, Pablo Chiereghin, Joonas Lahtinen) as part of the Q202 Atelierrungang in 1020 Vienna!

05.04 // 14.00 – 24.00  (opening party)

06.04 // 14.00 – 21.00

07.04 // 14.00 – 18.00


with works by

Alessio Maximilian Schroder
Aldo Giannotti 
Anita Frech
Anja Filettavo
Anke Armandi
Andrea Heyer
Armine Maksudyan
Arno Lukas
Bea Rice Küninger
Brunilda Castejon
Casaluce Geiger
Catherine Ludwig
Christine Baumann
Christiane Spatt
Christina Hartl-Prager
Daniele Braida
Domenico Mühle
Edith Payer
Enar De Dios Rodríguez
Ewa Kaja
Florian Rainer
Franziska King
Gerald Zahn
Gerald Straub
Gianmaria Gava
Giuliano Koren
Hamid Reza Mafitabar
Isabelle Seilern
Joonas Lahtinen
Johannes Stoll
Karin Pfeifer
Klaus Vyhnalek
Klaus Taschler
Lea Titz
Linus Riepler
Lisa Edi
 Markus Guschelbauer
Marta Nalecz
MELF Luis Melf Esparragoza
Miriam Laussegger
Michael Bachhofer
Naoko Muneoka
Natalie Kubikova
Olaf Osten
Pablo Chiereghin
Peter Kraus
Rieja van Aart
Ryts Monet Enrico De Napoli
Roman Pfeffer
Rudolf Hübl
Stefano Giuriati
Stefano D’Alessio
Sandra Fockenberger
Sula Zimmerberger

Tomáš Kurečka
Veronika Čechmánková
Ulrike Johannsen
Wendelin Pressl

(picture by Pablo Chiereghin)


About Joonas Lahtinen

Joonas Lahtinen (* 1984, FIN/A) is a performance artist, director and researcher who lives and works in Vienna and Helsinki. His performances are often site-specific and have a strong installational character. In his works, he explores the politics of space and of the everyday from perspectives that are both humorous and disturbing. Joonas has studied Performance at Queen Mary, University of London and he is writing a PhD thesis about the problematic of “emancipatory” participative art at the University of Helsinki. Since 1995, he has performed in various Live Art, theatre and TV productions both in Finland and abroad.
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