Installation / artistic research laboratory “from nowhere to now-here”

The last few weeks I and my students at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna have been extremely busy preparing a cooperation project with Schauspielhaus Wien, one of the most renowned theatres in Vienna — I am utmost happy that, despite the looming lockdown, our installation/artistic research laboratory “from nowhere to now-here” on the dimensions of resource and care in art practice could be realized as part of the Schauspielhaus/Hotel Autumn program and in the side program of the theatre conference “Überschreiten und Übereignen” organized by HTM Academy of Music and Theatre Felix Mendelsson-Bartholdy Leipzig, Schauspielhaus Wien and the Art and Education Programme of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna on 19.-21.11.2021.
We had the unique opportunity to inhabit one of the Schauspielhaus/Hotel rooms; the spatial infrastructure of the whole theatre has temporarily been converted into a hotel providing spaces for over 50 different artists to experiment on site and to share their explorations with visitors.

On behalf of our project team I wish to warmly thank Lucie Ortmann, Tomas Schweigen and Andreas Fleck and the other great colleagues from Schauspielhaus Wien; Prof. Barbara Büscher (Leipzig) and Prof. Elke Krasny (Vienna), and all the visitors for their wonderful support and for making the project possible, even in the rather challenging circumstances!

More information in English and project documentation will be presented at the Virtual Gallery of the Institute for Education in the Arts in 2022 — stay tuned!

First snapshots of “from nowhere to now-here” at Schauspielhaus Wien:

In the photo: Alice Gonzales-Martin, photo: Joonas Lahtinen

Installation view, photo: Joonas Lahtinen

Installation view, photo: Joonas Lahtinen

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