by Joonas Lahtinen u.a.

Premiere Helsinki: 11.-13.03.2016Kiasma-teatteri, Finnish National Gallery,
as part of the performance programme of the DEMONSTRATING MINDS exhibition
Premiere Vienna: 20.03. & 21.03.2o14imagetanz 2014: who cares? festival, brut im Konzerthaus

A spectre is haunting Europe – the spectre of creative economy. All the powers of Europe have entered into a holy alliance with this spectre: politicians, economists, businessmen, cultural institutions, artists… thanks to you, dear Anthony!


The one-time “New Labour” star and Prime Minister Tony Blair’s policies have had an enormous impact on the conditions of performance production all over Europe… at least if you ask the embittered protagonist of this curious one man show. Mixing facts, fiction and anxieties about the future, I BLAME YOU, TONY BLAIR! addresses the problems of being an ageing performance artist in today’s cultural and economic climate.

Written and directed by: Joonas Lahtinen
Performer: Harald Jokesch
Dramaturgy and production: Luzie Stransky
Sound and stage technician: Andreas Wiesbauer
Coproduction between Verein Punatonttu & imagetanz/brut wien
Performances at Kiasma Theatre supported by the Austrian Federal Chancellery and the Austrian Embassy Helsinki

Performance in English


(Photo: Luzie Stransky)

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