onemorequestion is a new Finnish-Austrian artist collective led by Joonas Lahtinen. The first project by onemorequestion, YOYO – You are On Your Own, premiered at URB 14 Festival (Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki 2014) and at brut Wien, Vienna (2015) and was invited to HomeFest in Bucharest (2015). Most of the core members of onemorequestion – Joonas Lahtinen, Mikko Niemistö, Eero Erkamo and Luzie Stransky – have worked together in various projects since 2005.

onemorequestion’s new project R.I.P. SERVICES premiered at the URB 16 Festival organised by Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art/Finnish National Gallery in August 2016.


YOYO Press quotes

With a lot of irony, the performance YOYO – You are On your Own sheds light on the fears of a young artist; fears that drive him to isolation. Indeed, the performance shows us a gloomy portrait of our contemporary society: he who chooses to prepare his survival shell instead of going to protest on the streets for a political change has completely lost the belief in politics and the society.
Sebastian Fleischer, Ö1 Kulturjournal, Vienna

The hour that we spend in the rugged and cold basement whose walls get decorated through curious fresco-like memory videos, lives from Mikko Niemistö’s mischievous performance. He furnishes the vaulted crypt carefully and leisurely, like a prudish housewife, and reflects on the performance situation with friendly glances at the audience, thereby wrapping the surreal catastrophe scenario in soft irony.
Ditta Rudle,, Vienna

The performance concept is powerful. It blurs the borders between the performance situation and reality in an engaging way … the Finnish-Austrian collective that created the performance is a definitely interesting new acquaintance.
Marja Silde, Teatteri & tanssi + sirkus, Helsinki