out there

explorations into place, landscape, imagination
A project by Laussegger/Lahtinen

29.08.2021 – 05.09.2021
part of the exhibition Earth and Water / MUDS – Museo Dolina San Dorligo – Muzej Dolina San Dorligo (Italy)

28.06.2019 – 29.10.2019
Altes Landgut/Verteilerkreis Favoriten, Vienna
U1 station Altes Landgut

You can download the electronic version (DE/ENG) of the out there project catalogue (PDF, 4.1 MB) HERE !

Devised by Miriam Laussegger and Joonas Lahtinen, out there transformed the undeveloped site at Altes Landgut in the south of Vienna into an exhibition area in public space for four months in 2019. The project consisted of three phases and featured besides Laussegger and Lahtinen also Christina Hartl-Prager, Lea Titz, Markus Guschelbauer and Pablo Chiereghin. Taking Altes Landgut – a calm spot surrounded by continuous traffic flows – as their starting point, the artists presented photographic experiments that play with our habitual ways of perceiving our mundane urban environment. Displayed on mobile construction site fences, these images initiated a visual and spatial dialogue with the urban surroundings and offered passers-by plenty of room for associations. In September 2021, two of Laussegger and Lahtinen’s images were presented in the group exhibition Earth and Water – Acqua & Terra – Zemlja in Voda of the MUDS open air museum in Italy, in cooperation with La Contrada – Teatro Stabile di Trieste (curator: Pablo Chiereghin).

Mobile fences are a more than common sight at construction sites in contemporary cities; however, their aesthetic potential has not yet been much explored. out there turns them into ephemeral sculptural objects that, with the images mounted on them, highlight the openness of both spatial imagination and visualization.

Laussegger and Lahtinen’s images are based on diverse photographic landscape motifs and fragments. Oscillating between reality and imagination, these images play with our cultural ways of seeing and induce moments of both contemplation, reflection and (un)familiarity. Texts on the notions of ‘place‘,‘landscape‘ and ’imagination‘ by philosophers and authors such as Doreen Massey, Marc Augé and Thomas Morus provided inspiration for the text fragments in Laussegger and Lahtinen’s images.

Press quotes:

This unbuilt site was planned to host hotels and restaurants. However, all plans concerning Altes Landgut in the district of Favoriten (Vienna) were put on hold. Now the site offers room for an exhibition about “landscapes” (…) Altes Landgut is a ‘non-place’, a kind of corridor that enables movement from place A to place B but does not invite anyone to stay. This tension makes it an interesting location for an artistic intervention.
Lara Ritter, wien.ORF.at, Vienna

For their project, the artist and curator duo Miriam Laussegger and Joonas Lahtinen chose a site known for continuous movement, noise, and asphalt, and broke this notorious dynamic with large- scale contemplative photo montages mounted on construction site fences. This is a wonderful form of “misuse” of the fences – instead of keeping the passers-by at a distance, the fences now invite them to come closer.
B. Reisch, Augustin, Vienna

out there at MUDS Museo San Dorligo Della Valle / La Contrada Trieste:

out there at Altes Landgut, Vienna:

out there I: Miriam Laussegger/Joonas Lahtinen 
on show until 04.09.2019

out there II: Christina Hartl-Prager, Lea Titz
Opening 06.09.2019, 17:00

out there III: Pablo Chiereghin, Markus Guschelbauer
Opening 03.10.2019, 17:00

Finissage and Catalogue Presentation
29.10.2019, 16:00

Commissioned by
SHIFT Funding programme / Basis.Kultur.Wien (City of Vienna)

Supported by
ASFINAG (Austrian federal agency for motorways and expressways)

Feature about out there by ORF Wien (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation): https://wien.orf.at/stories/3009194/

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Article about out there in the street magazin Augustin (Vienna):