Private Games

Interactive performance

Concept: Joonas Lahtinen
Performance: Joonas Lahtinen, Hyo Lee, Lea Titz

Parcours event of Underground City 21 Vienna festival, 8.11.2010

You are invited to an exclusive house party. Meet the host, have a beer and relax. Who is actually in charge of this party? Come and see for yourself!

Private Games is based on a subculture party game I got to know while living and studying in London. Its aim is to make ”strangers” meet; to create unexpected social communication networks between people who don’t know each other. The interactive event urges its participants to reflect on one’s own attitudes towards the not-yet-known: how to deal with a stranger? How to ”break the ice” when meeting a new person?

Private Games combines the planned and the unplanned. It provides a performative framework whose aim is to produce unexpected and surprising meetings among the participants. During the event, the participants are turned from passive spectators into active makers: each of them will have a date with a stranger.

Two house parties take place simultaneously, connected only via Skype. The participants in each flat are asked to ”match” each other, based on brief Skype video call discussions. The dates will then take place in several pre-selected cafes on the Praterstraße – the main axis of the Underground City 21 Festival. There is no pre-scripted plot made for the date situations between strangers; everything is possible, anything can happen between them.

There are stories circulating about Private Games-matches: a couple enjoyed each other’s company so much that they came late to the next festival event; a cafe owner was surprised and delighted that his place was selected to be part of the event; and the coincidencental meeting between two Estonian-speaking persons interested in music therapy…

House parties at:
Praterstraße 56
Czerningasse 7a

Gasthaus Hansy, Heinestraße 42
Café ¾ Takt, Praterstraße 54
Café Larissa, Praterstraße 35
Café Wiener Melange, Praterstraße 47
CC-Deluxe Cafe & Cocktailbar, Praterstraße 54

Photos: Thomas J. Jelinek and Luzie Stransky (map); Joonas Lahtinen (room)

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