Wie stehen Sie zum brut?

Sound installation
by onemorequestion / Joonas Lahtinen u.a.

12 – 13 May 2015 at So weit so brut festival
brut im Künstlerhaus, Vienna

Theatregoers who visited the toilets of brut im Künstlerhaus during the So weit so brut festival were confronted with provocative audio questions taken from a magazine questionnaire on how to handle death “well”. However, the word “death” was replaced by the word “brut” in each question, resulting in emotional, playful and quirky statements about one of the most famous performance venues in Vienna.

… After brut, my kidneys should be donated …
… brut is a friend …

… brut is the encounter with a bright light …

The toilet rooms in brut and in other venues, too, can be seen as “private”, silent and even “liminal” sites between the outside world and the theatre auditorium; many spectators visit the toilet right before or right after a performance, thinking about the upcoming show or reflecting on what they have seen. In a humorous manner, Wie stehen Sie zum brut? urged the spectators to think about their personal relation to brut.

Concept, artistic direction and dramaturgy: Joonas Lahtinen and Luzie Stransky Speaker: Harald Jokesch
Text source: GEO Wissen, Nr. 51: “Vom guten Umgang mit dem Tod”
A brut Wien production for the festival So weit so brut

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