YOYO – You are On Your Own

performance by onemorequestion / Joonas Lahtinen u.a.

Premiere Bucharest: 24.10.2015, HomeFest
Premiere Vienna: 03.02.-07.02.2015, brut Wien
Premiere Helsinki: 03.-05.08.2014, URB 14 Festival / Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art


A nuclear disaster, the collapse of Capitalism, Third World War… what would YOU do in case of a large-scale emergency?

YOYO – You are On Your Own is an odd, disturbing and funny performance that introduces you to a number of negative future scenarios and gives you strategies to enhance your chances of surviving any catastrophe. Get familiar with survivalist thinking and check out our brand new shelter interior prototype that helps you stay sane and healthy in the claustrophobic environment for long periods of time. In Helsinki and Vienna, you have been lucky so far to enjoy a superb quality of life but times are changing… you had better get prepared before it’s too late!

YOYO takes the individual’s will “to be prepared” to its extreme and playfully reflects on the relationships between fear, agency, future perspectives and today’s economy.


YOYO press quotes:

“The performance concept is powerful. It blurs the borders between the performance situation and reality in an engaging way … the Finnish-Austrian collective that created the performance is a definitely interesting new acquaintance.“ Marja Silde, Teatteri & tanssi 5/2014

“With a lot of irony, the performance YOYO – You are On your Own sheds light on the fears of a young artist; fears that drive him to isolation. Indeed, the performance shows us a gloomy portrait of our contemporary society: he, who chooses to prepare his survival shell instead of going to protest on the streets for a political change, has completely lost the belief in politics and the society.” Sebastian Fleischer, Ö1 Kulturjournal, 03.02.2015

“The Gyro Gearloose-like protagonist of YOYO is an intriguing combination of cool-headed engineer thought, manic survivalism and sensitivity … even IKEA would pale before this efficient survival packaging act.“ Hanna Helavuori, tinfo-tiedote 25, 05.08.2014

“You might really feel at ease here, in this ambience, if you didn’t constantly hear the admonishing voice from the off that reminds us about past and upcoming catastrophes. The hour that we spend in the rugged and cold basement whose walls get decorated through curious fresco-like memory videos, lives from Mikko Niemistö’s mischievous performance.” Ditta Rudle, tanz.at, 03.02.2015

“Mikko Niemistö shows us how to ‘make it cosy’ in the claustrophobic environment, in order to remain as sane and healthy as one has been before descending to the shelter. And how nice it might be to see this ‘shelter existence’ as a metaphor for the contemporary attitude towards life.” Helmut Ploebst, der Standard, 03.02.2015

is a new Finnish-Austrian art collective led by Joonas Lahtinen whose acclaimed performance/installation EIN.KÜCHEN.BAU toured Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as the Stage Helsinki Theatre Festival in 2013. His latest project I BLAME YOU, TONY BLAIR! premiered at the imagetanz 2014 festival in brut Wien in March 2014.

Artistic director, concept: Joonas Lahtinen
Performance, concept: Mikko Niemistö
Set and lighting design, concept: Eero Erkamo
Production management, dramaturgy: Luzie Stransky
Sound technics: Andreas Wiesbauer

Performance in English

YOYO – You are On Your Own is an international coproduction between Punatonttu – Verein zur Förderung performativer Projekte, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art and brut Wien. YOYO is supported by the City of Vienna Municipal Department 7 for Cultural Affairs, the Arts Promotion Centre Finland, ESKUS Performance Center Helsinki, Frame Visual Art Finland, the Embassy of Austria in Helsinki and the Finnish Institute in Germany.

Photo: Luzie Stransky

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